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Tuesday, April 21, 2004

so, there hasn't been much going on in this ole' grand world of ours... of course I went to Salsa... even got a promotion (in the Salsa world of course, my job -thats another story) sweat up a storm last night, yaddah yaddah yaddah, my beau came up for the long w/e (congrats on your first Patriot's Day, my soon to be patriot).
give me time to upload the pics from our six mile excursion the kitty-cat afterparty and the pre-salsa smiles (all short-lived). Enjoy my web-viewing audience of one (two on a good day)more pics/commentary to come!


Tuesday, April 6, 2004

ok, ok, ok... so I am feeling much,MUCH better than I was yesterday (thankthalawd)... nothing much changed... still have the same ole idiotic coworker problemos still grossly underpaid, overutilized, in an understaffed profitting non-profit... BUT and thats a donkey type but (con dos t's) I went to salsa
ay dio' mio... it was tre' fun...

did a lil dance...lil trading partners type joint... worked the culito... and witnessed my first bit of salsa related drama... ridic. so there is this girl (although I prefer to be PC and say chick) who refused to dance with the new guy (who was good) he was a young asian doctor with great ritmo and even had his own little kick thing going with some of the moves, but she being the intermediate double left footed non-humble beginner that she is decided that he wasn't good enuf... while in the bathroom complaining about the new Chinese guy... crazy, eh? who does that?

well... she did. and thats not all... she TOLD the instructor that his dancing was inadequate, and told Dr. Howser that his "dancing was making [her] feel ugly" gwow. (not a typo;think gwa-gwa;guachintong street, etc). si, GWOW.
The nerve of some folks... after class we hold an intervention, (sans la sucia) and let Dr. Doogie know he is welcome anytime... he says he has some thinking to do... understood. just can't stop shaking my head... this should be aired after Bajo la Misma Piel and before Charytin Returns on Univision, Telefutura, Telemundo, etc. I should feed yesterdays easter egg to her, with a spork. and force her to watch Kindergarten Cop en Espanol. she's earned it.

on another note...miss ya sweets... something fierce

Monday, April 5, 2004

grumble, grumble, grumble... what is it with lousy co-workers? seriously. i don't get paid enuf for this... i tell you i don't.
i'd rather eat an easter egg shell and all, than be here... and not a choco-caramel one either, but a big ole stinky fart one w/ food coloring seeping through ...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

!Weeeepppppaaa!, took my first salsa class last night con Hector, which was a-mazing... I may even have a new (off-line) addiction... WEPA to that! seriously...had an amazing time...worked the calves...among other things. Can't say that I am "good", but I did sweat-
while bailando con two east indios (partners in rotation) who introduced me to their carefully crafted hybrid of skipping and salsa... lets just say my toes still hurt, but thanks for the exp...my dirtiest lil' confession...Sometimes I lead.


Monday, March 29, 2004

i am supposed
\\to be sleeping; literally//
eyes shut--three worlds
removed not reflecting
on how you make me
want to write myself a collection
of bad poems.

i learned to recognize an ampersand
in the shallows of your face
most genuine mirror
i want every taxi-cab
in nueva york
to know our names and care;
horns spraying our initials unto a checkered sky

paint that
young artist
paint that.

for geo
some things really are better'n cornbread...

Friday, March 26, 2004

my god it's getting worse, I am now posting twice a day (gross rounding down) onto Craig's list dot damn com. which wouldn't be so bad if it was only me looking for a new roomie, or me trying to get rid of these two damn bikes ($60 bucks and they're yours) but now it has escalated... no simpleton, not the price of the bikes, but my postings... and they have "Diversified" (tell me thats not the damn word of the 90's and beyond.)

anywhoo... I am now posting in other categories, I am hoping my postings are going to be voted best of...I am blogging about my postings...posting my bloggings...its at the point where its all a vicious cycle of HTML...

and now my roomie says we are experiencing a damn black-out in my neighborhood... absolutely no incentive to go home. My desk is where I need to be right now...facing east. Facing this wondering metal and plastic contraption (not to be confused w/ contraception) linking me to my "world".

duuu-blayyy-barrrf. told you this mielda was crazy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I am coming to terms with my meaningless addiction(s), no, not to crack/ heron/ the white horse/ nose candy and co., no, not to the new wave of middle class drugs (i.e. prozac, sizzerp, mood-stabilizers and/or everthing else that'll make you feel pink-n-pretty while ruining the lee-bee-dough), but this addiction is fast, is fierce and doesn't check the back seat of the car in dark parking lots (((shudder))) it goes a lil something like this:

(act 1, scene 3, stiff-a$$ company chair facing west)

...wonder if anyone has checked my blog (gasp) 370+ unique users (double gasp) who/what/when (triple gasp) I silently/ stealthily/ secretly stampede (via net of course) to www.jellycounter.com to see who is interested in my life.

hot damn! the introductory period is up.
lets look at our options here... I can 1. go on without knowing damn near personally who my "unique users" are...nah. I can...b. Sacrifice lunch (12 bux) for an entire YEAR'S worth of access... or I can...Z....Screw it... I'm paying the dang twelve bucks and hope lil' addictions don't grow into bigger ones. honestly, I wouldn't want this preocupation w/ the Jelly Roll tracking device to escalate into...CCLP....yikes. Compuslive Craig's List Perusal...

... actually, too late...

Friday, March 19, 2004 (en vivo)

at work...as if i could be elsewhere. el trabajo. (((sigh))) weekend-count-down and I'm happily awaiting the three o'clock arrival of mi b-chico, important cargo on the Fungwah Bus (affectionately called the CME; ask me why) from Nueva Yorque) bueno.

state hoppin' n' it feels so...good...straight bloggin' so all understood. (((nasty man voice)))) you like dat doncha reader? lol.

stop lying. ps. before I go, make sure you check out all the links I included in yesterdays post. I may be shouting myself out here, but quite comical wouldn't want you to miss the opp. to be tickled a beigey-pink by none-other-than-me

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I-Need-A-Life...Although after 5+ hours of Comedy Central which spurred a dream that I WAS the hunchback of Notre Dame...I realize now, life could be worse

I have to admit, I am getting used to this whole beech-n-moan-n-try to be funny while working out your life-on-line (thanks BLOGGER)
...Seriously. I mean... Blogging isn't exactly improving my day to day so much as it is lending itself to my sense of self-worth; I can say without hesitation or doubt: "hey... that three (3) semester bid w/ Basic HTML and JavaScript has really paid off...

"Gon' n brush them shoulders off...

Best exercise I have had in years...What? The shoulder brushing? The constant blogging? The new and improved psyche? WHAT WHAT WHAT?

The world may never know (c)The Tootsie Roll Owl...
Done...For now. Thanks for visiting, after all, this site exists becauser of viewers like you

(a boldfaced lie, but it sounds a lot better than the truth donchathink?)

Tuesday, March 16, 2004 (yeah, still)

...ok, so like some of my links aren't exactly legit... stay w/ me whil'st i figures this out...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

...Are they up, are they down... My pics, not your stocks, not your winkie, not my mood (although its pretty blah today), but my pics from my oh so inconsistent web server... ok... So its a bootleg web-server, its mine. Its like living in a single family house w/ roaches; the joy of ownership, and the ever-present crunch underfoot reminding you how broke you are...

note: I really Don't have roaches... But a sis' is broke.

and with a capital b. May have found the source of my discontent after all.

anyone know of an open position in your area for an over-educated, under-appreciated, sometimes writer, befriender of cats?
I do have retail exp. (who needs an education when you have retail exp?)

apparently no one.
I pledge to be the most intelligent retail associate to ever curse my 17 year old manager.

suggestive selling 101; example 3.a: that racer back tee under your prom gown looks beautiful ma'am. May I suggest a scratchy lime green shawl?

(((gazing in wonder and amazement)))))

perfect. Would you like to open a charge account with us? Save you an estimated -7% off of all purchases.


Friday, March 12, 2004

Me: the devil done made me do it
Audience: what bella? made you do what?
Me: bring back the village idiot teddy awards...
Audience: ((((GASP))))

tell 'em what they've won, bella

well... the winner of this months VITA award is a young gentleman by the name of Promyse; he has garnered this most esteemed prize by being eloquent, non-judgmental, and quite inventive.
he is the quintessential boy scout; hailing from the big K as he so affectionately calls his (((in Carleton voice))) "hood", and is a real keeper; ladies he IS single (ay dios!).

Promyse is his "middle name" not to be confused with an alias, and is quite the smooth five foot three'er, who says he is bilingual (Spanish/ English) but has yet to have displayed the talent in the former (or the latter) of the languages, comparable to his level of skill in throw-back (i.e. out-of date)"ebonics". five points for that.

If you like generic/ recycled conversation, check his greatest hits:
"where do you see yourself in ten years?" or the smash single "what do you believe is the meaning of life?", and his all time greatest, "if you could return to one year of your childhood, what age would you choose?"

what a charmer. and self-less. he's got a friend in Jesus. (hopefully)

ps. he's looking for a date to his award acceptance dinner. Ladies, hold your drawers; its at Gray's Papaya lord have mercy.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

What's new in the life of Tembleque ComoQue bka Cafelattebella bka CLB bka the nap-curl sporter; au natural; afro-portuguesa; creole/criolla/kreyol; big-head; cat-napper; kitty-cat-party-thrower; TLC-viewer; Animal Planet Extrodinaire;

-What's new; -What's knew; -What.s.nu?

Not a damn thing but an inflated sense of self and an internet persona gone wild.


response: betchacaint.

4| | | [!!que cosa horrible!!]| | |3

note to self: being absurdly superficial/ surface and "witty" is coming back...
self to note: dawg, it never went "out"
in unison: word.


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

its been a long time... Shouldn't have left you...w/o a dope beat to step to, step 2, step to, step two
-Shoutout to Rakim.... Thanks Georgie

its been one of those days... I just sent out my (late) application to bread-loaf writers conference one of the oldest and most renown writers conferences ...ever... wish me luck...

but I am feeling quite productive, complaints kept to a minimum; they thwart growth, no?

and why would I allow my growth to be *gasp* thwarted!
que no, que no!

i could so go for gray' papaya right about now...
riddle me this; who is the most polite new yorker?
ans. a yella, nap-curled bostonian

Friday, March 05, 2004


the sum of taking pics in your home girls car,
holding a really obnoxious pose, -MINUS the waning batteries in your digicam *TIMES layered wrist/ armbands is MOS DEF THIS PIC.


Thursday, February 26, 2004

ok, ok, ok, ok.
top ten email forwards I can do without:

1. Only a black/latina woman... Can freak the hell out of high heels and a french roll...guess what, NO ONE has freaked the hell out of that killer combo in ions. Give. It. Up. period.

2. Any more forwards about missing persons, pictures of toothless missing children, and other folks who have apparently taken to the woods... try calling those numbers included at the base of the email as contacts persons, and you will be able to taste my chagrin. (note: it aint aged white wine)

3. Any more forwards regarding the "incident at the superbowl"... we all saw the teat, we all have teats, not all of our teats are quite as nice... but we must get over it/ them nonetheless. Please. (that is both a statement communicating exhaustion and/or a plea)

4. I am a cat lover all the same, but there are just so many times I can look at a cat in pants, holding a gun, sticking up his middle finger, falling off of/ into something, jumping on the head of/ back of/ face of some unsuspecting bystander. Old old news.

5. Yet another quiz. I know everyone's deepest secret, favorite toothpaste, worst day of band camp, and most appealing sexual fantasy. Guess what else, I don't care. I really really don't. How's that for care and share time?

6. Any more emails re: firefighters and soldiers. What ever happened to civilian love? And I seriously would love to know what were folks forcing forwards about prior to 09/11? Question in bad taste? perhaps, but I am seriously doubting the purpose of fifteen emails with a crying eagle and replays of the disaster are assisting national recovery either.

7. Forwards RE: the cast of the Muppets gone wrong. Not exactly as bad as #6, but it shouldn't be a surprise that Miss Piggy is a freak. Seriously, she was showing evidence of freakiness in Muppet Babies the Series.

8. Am I the only one who is more than moderately annoyed with the forwards that run a mini-movie on your computer screen?, they always end with "work like you don't need the money" or something equally generic.
(Kinda difficult to keep aforementioned jobby job, when your pc screen is otherwise occupied with garbage. So much for staying employed; and just when I was begining to earn a living wage!)

9. The forwards that force Christ into your life.... def no no. Not my cup of tea, coffee, or one percent milk.

10. The forwards that I send out to others (daily). Tee Hee Hee. See previous nine. E-diots. Tell me you didn't know that was coming.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

so, here i am... at work... as usual...

triple dotting it...
trying to maintain my sanity
mean-timing it. and i am stressing
the mean
hell, and the time...

you know what i mean? i mean do you...
the goal isn't babble as much as it is self-expression
but i ain't trying to be lazy either... and i feel like i am/ have been/
have the potential to be...

anyway, now that i have made true the realization of sounding
JUST LIKE samuel l jackson in Do The Right Thang
i am going to just sit here
on my ever increasing/ widening
and be the glassy-eyed-"it"-girl
i knew i could be if i just tried hard enuf

at doing absolutely nothing.

sigh thrice. and tsk
while you are at it.


Monday, February 23, 2004

ok... ok; so i took a few days off the whole web log your life thang... i think i just gots to a point where i are like... is anyone listening, i mean really listening; and i dont even mean on the blog tip as much as i mean period. in general, & at the end of the day...

i NEED(S) to know if the goal really to be listened to, or something less porous... less "love me tender"-ish, or is the goal to progress? (long s, not short)

the uber conservative republican in me (she's really small, but has a loud speaking voice) says, hell, its the latter... but the super-ego-id-squid is like nah dude, its the former... but the mixed race real me isn't so sure. i'm just gonna have to say its about being. so what if that sounds too new-agey... its a new mufuckin' age.
i can do and dig that.

((((diggin' it))))))
see! what i done tolcha!

Thursday, February 19, 2004(x's 2)

awww yeah!

there it is.

of all of the earth robbing jewels...i have a *special* affinity towards rubies.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

day one begin blog,
a sistah lost all the HTML on mg, which included the old online dya-rye... good thing i saved it offline and have updated it accordingly... ((shrugging shoulders))

guess that is what one gets for
doing some ole bootleg stuff... like using mg as
an online diary
... tee hee hee... cheers to my own idiocy eh?

oh well... for those who care to read... and for me who
cares to write... ours is a meeting of minds and pixels.
hope you brought your helmet.